Survey on the need for technology in the field of waste management in Romania

Survey on the need for technology in the field of waste management in Romania

Waste collection and management in Romania are hot topics intensely debated by political decision makers and companies in the context of the current ambitious recycling targets and of the sanctions applied in case of failure to achieve them. As an EU member state, Romania must adhere to the common environmental targets and policies and  the EU Directives have already been implemented in the Romanian laws.

However, only 12% of the waste generated in Romania is recovered, while the rest is either stored in landfills or disposed improperly, with the informal sector playing an important role in the collection of recyclable waste, with an estimated weight of 30-35%. According to Eurostat, the recycling rate was of 13,3%  in 2016, way below the 50% target set for 2020.  In addition, waste producers and local authorities are required to achieve by the end of 2020 a 50% level of readiness for reuse and recycling of household waste (at least for paper, metal, plastic and glass) of the total mass.

A new study initiated by AHK Romania: survey on the local need for technology in the field of waste management in Romania

Aiming to make an analysis of the technological necessity and the challenges related to this subject, AHK Romania carries out a study on the environment infrastructure needs in Romania through a national survey.  In partnership with Goduni International, the project is financed by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and is funded within the export initiative “Environment Technologies”.

The study consists in the collection and analysis of valuable data through the  local deployment of a market questionnaire, targeted primarily to local public authorities. The objective is to identify challenges and needs being faced in the field of waste management, mobilize german companies for partnerships in Romania, as well as identifying German best practice examples that could be applied locally.

This initiative comes as a continuation of the series of regional workshops we conducted last year in Iași, Cluj, Timișoara and Bucharest on the topic of waste management in Romania. During these events, Romanian and German specialists discussed issues related to waste collection and management and offered proposals for efficient and sustainable solutions.

Through this project we intend to support the conversion of Romania into a viable circular economy by providing specific information, consultancy and German contacts in the field of environmental technologies and services. AHK Romania aims to consolidate its role of permanent contact for both public and private decision factors in Romania and to extend the already created platform within econet romania and the existing Work Group “Environment”.