A consortium of German companies to bring electricity to isolated villages in the Apuseni mountains

A consortium of German companies to bring electricity to isolated villages in the Apuseni mountains

100.000 households in Romania are lacking access to the power grid

According to a study of the Center for Research on Democracy, 100,000 households in Romania are not connected to the electricity grid and 7,136 of those are located in villages in isolated areas. Power supply nowadays considered elementary and trivial seems for people in these households impossible to get.

The reasons behind are multiple. On the one hand, these dispersed villages are geographically too far away from the last electricity pole. On the other hand, the social phenomena in Romania during the past 25 years have led to aging population, rural migration as well as lacking financial resources in some rural areas where households cannot afford to pay power connection fees and electricity bills.

New project of AHK Romania: Sustainable solutions for power grid access through German-Romanian collaboration

In this context, AHK Romania is seeking to find sustainable solutions for providing power grid access to these households and to attract German companies to supply and implement them in Romania. The region of Alba retained our interest given its geographical position and touristic potential, which can lead to a high level of awareness of the project. In addition, according to the Alba Energy Strategy 2018-2023, there are 1,028 non-electrified households in the area, including 240 households that are more than 2 km away from the power grid, meaning that power grid connection would be very costly and technically challenging.

Through a project funded by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy (BMWi), the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce initiated in 2019 the building of a consortium of German companies which will engage with Romanian firms and local authorities in order to develop efficient and environmental friendly technical to bring electricity in the villages in Apuseni mountains and not only.

Within this project, AHK Romania organizes a webinar on the 28th of April 2020 targeted at German companies potentially interested to join in, as for instance manufacturers of components for photovoltaic modules and wind turbines, manufacturers of energy storage solutions and providers of engineering services for the construction of micro grids. You can find more information on the webinar here.

Representatives of the German companies which are part of the consortium will join a online venue between the 19-23rd of  October 2020 to meet interested local stakeholders. AHK Romania will share with them useful information about the Romanian market and will handle the scheduling and smooth running of the meetings, offering full support throughout the implementation of the project.

We are convinced that our initiative will create the opportunity of valuable long-term partnerships and enhance awareness for all participants, having a high potential of replicability. In addition, we seek to contribute to improving life quality for inhabitants in the isolated villages. These people should finally be able to enjoy electricity access around the clock.

You can find more information about this initiative (here in Romanian and here in German).