DIHK study – Packaging management in European countries

The DIHK – the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce realized an overview of the management and disposal of packaging and packaging waste in every European country.

The amended EU Packaging Directive ((EU) 2018/852), which came into force on July 4, 2018, has led to numerous changes to the national legislation of the European member states. These regulations for packaging management vary from country to country and companies that want to bring packaged goods onto the market in these countries must therefore meet different requirements.

These obligations lead to legal uncertainty in the cross-border movement of goods. Offering an overview of the requirements for each country, the synthesis made by DIHK with specialists from all the European countries is intended to facilitate the activity of companies.

The information about Romania was compiled with the support of Dan Virgil Pascu law firm.

The study in German language can be downloaded here!

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