High-performance dehumidification solutions in the electronics industry

High-performance dehumidification solutions in the electronics industry

Jetrun has successfully completed the delivery and commissioning of a high-performance dehumidification system for the Nuintek capacitor plant in Ploiesti.

In the electronics industry, humidity is a ”mission critical” factor since moisture at any value decisively contributes to the micro-corrosion of metal parts of electronic components. In the manufacture of the metallized film used in the construction of electronic capacitors, the humidity, temperature and time of exposure enable the accurate calculation of the finished product’s performance.

A low and constant humidity makes an important contribution to the quality of production and maintains a lower rejection rate of the finished product. Therefore, customer specifications were particularly restrictive regarding the maximum relative humidity level. The maximum level of 30% is impossible to guarantee with the classic dehumidification technology which uses a direct expansion circuit, and for this reason, Jetrun specialists have turned to desiccant rotor technology.

The chosen dehumidifier – Fisair DFRA-0100E, works on the principle of moisture absorption in a desiccant rotor with the continuous regeneration of desiccant capacity by drying with hot air from an electric heater battery. The desiccant rotor is similar to those used in rotary heat recovery with the addition of a hygrophilic coating on the rotor metal honeycomb. As the honeycomb absorbs moisture from the treated air and saturates, by rotation, it reaches the regeneration area where it is dried by a stream of hot air. The dry area of the rotor arrives once again in the treated air where it continues to absorb moisture.

The 300 m3/h flow rate enables a very rapid correction of moisture spikes accidentally introduced into space. To control the air temperature of the treated air, the Fisair unit was connected to a 4 kW minichiller with a buffer, a pump and three-way valve controlled by the dehumidifier automation.

The Fisair unit recirculates indoor air and modulates the dehumidification capacity according to the signal received from a digital hygrometer. For regeneration, use outside air, heated at temperatures above 100C, depending on the dehumidification requirement.

The system has been completed with Mitsubishi reversible split air conditioners and a FranceAir overpressure fan with a differential pressure controller. The role of the pressurization fan, similar to the technology applied in clean rooms and operating rooms, is to limit the penetration of outside air when opening the doors or room leaks.

Strict and effective moisture control allows our customer to minimize production losses and thus reduce energy and raw materials waste generated by the production of scrap on the production line.

Humidity in the air is both a friend and an enemy. In general, the moisture control, both humidifying and dehumidifying, requires high energy consumption and has a decisive influence on the quality of indoor environmental conditions and on subsequent consumption with space heating/cooling. Choosing the right system with a desiccant wheel with energy recovery or direct expansion is critical for energy efficiency and Jetrun specialists have complete information, theoretical calculations and practical examples in their portfolio, to help a company make the best decision.