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How we develop the Romanian cities and regions – Cities of Tomorrow 2023

03/21/2023 - 03/28/2023
  • This event has passed.

The AHK annual flagship event on urban regeneration, Cities of Tomorrow takes place this year on 21st– 28th March in hybrid format: the round tables will take place online from the 21st to 23rd March and the conference on the 28th March in physical format, at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Bucharest.

The round tables cover the following topics: Energy Efficiency & Energy Management,

Financing & EU funds, Digitalisation & City Governance, City Safety, Mobility, Construction Law, Reconversion & Revitalisation, Circular Economy, Tourism, Lifestyle & Culture.

The participants will debate in-person the Work-Life Balance – the conference topic proposed for this year. Time for networking and discussions has been foreseen during the marketplace event, also on the 28th March.

Cities of Tomorrow is a public, awareness-raising event on sustainable development, reconversion and revival of Romania’s cities and regions, on the tasks and roles of the political, business and civil society stakeholders, on rural and urban infrastructure development, on cities’ management (public utilities, traffic management, energy efficient buildings), integration of the central and historical city areas, as well as the suburbs etc.

The event aims to encourage the sustainable development of the country, to promote measures to increase its attractiveness for new investments and boost competitiveness.

It is an opportunity to debate and propose ways to transform Romania and its cities into a place where people enjoy living and working.

Cities of Tomorrow is aimed at mayors, city managers, representatives of regional development agencies, city and county councils, Romanian and foreign private companies, urban planning professionals and architects, real estate investors and developers interested or based in the South Eastern Europe, representatives of the chambers of commerce and industry, industrial clusters, technology providers, urban utilities and infrastructure companies, civil society and banking professionals.

Start: 03/21/2023
End: 03/28/2023